Museum of Work at the Motala ström, Norrköping - a must-see destination for 2023  © Nicole Olssen

6 reasons why Norrköping is your must-see destination for 2023

The musical industrial city in southern Sweden invites you to the 5th European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023

European Choir Games 2023

The southern Swedish city of Norrköping welcomes the choirs of Europe and the world to the 5th European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023. But this is not the only reason why Norrköping is your must-see destination for 2023!

Besides choir competitions, concerts, workshops and international exchange, the former industrial city has much more to offer its visitors. We have put together six reasons why Norrköping is definitely a must-see destination for 2023.

1. Music and culture for all – UNESCO City of Music

Music and art have been part of Norrköping's city identity for hundreds of years. In 2017, Norrköping was named UNESCO City of Music - one of 19 cities in Europe. These cities are recognized centers of musical creation and endeavor.

Norrköping is very involved in promoting the cultural and creative industries and has placed music at the center of the city's development. Numerous, wide-ranging events make Norrköping a small but integral part of the international music scene. The municipality is also committed to making music accessible to all and supports all genres, resulting in a very interesting mix of creative music communities in Norrköping.

2. The strength of water

You like to spend time by the water, enjoy the splashing sounds and have fun with water sports? Then Norrköping is the right city for you. The Motala ström, or Strömmen for short, runs through the middle of the city and even forms a few waterfalls here to be able to overcome a height difference of over 20 meters. 

This enormous water power in the middle of the city has been used to power all kinds of mills and machines since the Middle Ages and helped the city gain a reputation as a stronghold of the Swedish textile industry, especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

3. Swedish industrial history up close

For over 400 years Norrköping was the center of the Swedish textile industry. There were also mills, arms production, paper manufacturing, blacksmiths, tobacco production and sugar processing plants – and believe it or not, this business still makes Norrköping a must-see destination for 2023. The old industrial town still has many remarkably well-preserved monuments and museums that recall its heyday and turn the town into a kind of open-air museum.

Just a few meters away from "Louis de Geer konsert & kongress", where the center of the European Choir Games will be in 2023, you will find one of the city's most famous buildings. The seven-storey "Iron" (Strykjärnet), once a textile factory, is now Sweden's most famous historic factory. Located on the small island of Laxholmen in the Motala ström river, the building seems to rise straight out of the water and now, fittingly, houses the Museum of Work.

4. Fishing dinner right from your doorstep

The Motala ström, which meanders powerfully through the middle of the city, not only provides recreation and quality of life right on the doorstep: thanks to a fish ladder, it carries not only brown trout but also salmon, which thus "wander" through the city and also make fishing possible right in the center of Norrköping.

5. Famous stones

Parts of Norrköping have already been carried into the wide world. In the nearby Kolmården quarry, deep green marble used to be quarried to decorate world-famous buildings - including Stockholm City Hall and Rockefeller Center in New York.

6. Land of the choirs

Sweden is a country of choirs. Choral singing has a high status in society and is loved here by young and old. So, it is only natural that the European Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations will once again be held in this beautiful country in 2023. Norrköping offers you the perfect opportunity to experience a piece of Swedish culture through singing! So, as a singer you should definitely choose Norrköping as your must-see destination for 2023!  

See for yourself - we really look forward to meeting you in Norrköping in 2023!

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