Choir Olympics

July 07 - 16, 2000 Linz, Austria

Linz 2000

On the occasion of the first Choir Olympics in Linz, more than 15,000 participants from 60 nations met to experience the premiere of this unique international choir competition. In 28 categories 342 choirs sang in 403 competition appearances for 51 golden, 86 silver and 39 bronze diplomas in the Choir Olympic Qualification and for 69 gold, 124 silver and 34 bronze medals in the Choir Olympic Competition. The most successful countries were Hungary, China, Germany, Indonesia, and Russia. 51 choral experts belonged to the international jury.

Representatives of the worldwide choral community discussed and passed a Resolution about the situation and the needs of choir music to be handed over to the International Music Council (IMC) of UNESCO. Patron of the event was Dr. Thomas Klestil, Federal President of the Republic of Austria.

"I think singing is the most beautiful way of travelling to the heart. Our goal should not be to lose ourselves in a potential world."

Prof. Erwin Ortner, Honorary President, Austria

"Dear friends, in these days you will celebrate one of the most beautiful human abilities, and that is singing."

Prof. Petr Eben, Honorary President, Czech Republic

"At the end of the announcement you can read the weighty sentence: “Music is the language shared by the world.” According to Hermann Hesse there is “nothing more desirable” in life “than the sensation of music, the sensation of swinging along, of the rhythmic life and of the harmonic right to exist. We have to remain at that place where we find something that resembles music.” This harmonic right of existence is nowhere felt stronger and more binding as in choirs all over the world: in children’s choirs, mixed youth choirs and mixed choirs as well as in female and male choirs. These communities stick together, aim at each other and strive for utmost musical laurels in many different ways to make themselves and other people happy not only but also because they feel to be indescribably rich because “you own something that goes beyond the material substance” (Ingeborg Bachmann)."

Prof. Gert Frischmuth, Honorary President, Germany

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