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The first international choral competition ever to be hosted in Vietnam premiered 2011 in Hội An. And now, we are very proud to invite you to the already 7th edition of this successful event. Join the Vietnam International Choir Competition in 2021 and discover the mesmerizing beauty of this country combined with singers from all over the world.

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Nguyen Van Son, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hội An City

Best of the 6th Vietnam International Choir Competition

Participation opportunities

This INTERKULTUR event provides you the opportunity to choose from the following options of participation:

Non-competitive participation Competitive Participation
Festival Participation** Competition categories*
Evaluation Performance* Evaluation Performance*
Individual Coaching* Individual Coaching*
Festival Stage Choir Festival Stage Choir

friendship Concert Performance included

*at least two performances included

Evaluation Performances and Individual Coachings
Friendship Concerts
Grand Prize Competition
Festival Stage Choir

"On behalf of the DE LA SALLE CHORALE - BACOLOD, we thank you for making our participation in the 5th VICC a wonderful experience! Apart from the recognition we got, the memories, friendships and the relationships we established are far more treasured and will be forever cherished. We would like to congratulate Interkultur and the whole Hoi An team for a job well done and we all look forward in joining more of your festivals in the future. This, so far, is the most organized international event that we have attended."

La Salle Chorale, Philippines (Hoi An 2017)

"As a community non-auditioned choir, it has been a great honour to be a part of the 5th Vietnam International Choir Competition at Hoi An this year. These 5 days have been an amazing journey for us because we have met the kindest people of Vietnam and our hearts have been touched by the voices of choirs. Music is a unifying force and Vox Camerata is extremely privileged to be a part of this experience."

Vox Camerata, Singapore (Hoi An 2017)

"Thank you so much for the well prepared everything for us! It was so much meaningful and joyful experience in Hoi an! Choirs got more experience which can practice more to prepare for the next competition. People are so friendly."

Wang Jin, jury member, China (Hoi An 2017)

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Registration deadline: April 12, 2021

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Schedule of the Event
Workshop with Paul Smith


The historic coastal city of Hội An (translated as „peaceful meeting place“) is located directly at the South-Chinese Sea in Central Vietnam and surrounded picturesquely by paddy fields. Hội An was once the biggest port in South-East Asia and represented one of the most important harbours of the Silk Road. Already during the 4th century merchants from Arabia, Persia, India and China moored here.

The beautiful old town of Hội An was announced World Cultural Heritage in 1999 by the UNESCO and represents a well-preserved example of a Southeast-Asian trading port during the 15th up to the 19th century. Until now the old merchant homes can still be found on the banks of the Thu-Bon River and throughout the placid alleys. Visitors discover in every corner charming taverns, galleries and of course the typical colorful lantern shops and also temples, pagodas and prayer shrines. Vietnamese traditions mingle in Hội An with Japanese and Chinese elements – a sign of deeply rooted historical connections. Surrounded by all the original buildings, bridges and streets, time seems to have stopped. And nevertheless one is constantly surrounded by the lively Vietnamese everyday life with all its traditions and cultural activities – a fascinating experience!

Hội An is one of the most beautiful and charming destinations you can visit in Asia. In 2015 Hội An was chosen on rank 7 of the Top 25 Destinations in Asia (TripAdvisor).

The venues are located directly at the beach, which is part of the more than 120 km long coast of the Quang Nam province – the ideal place for refreshment in the cool sea after sudatory choral competitions!

By the way: During the event the famous Full Moon festival will also take place in Hội An. On this occasion all electric lights throughout the whole city are being switched off and the city is being illuminated by numerous candles and lanterns. On this evening Hội An is inspired by an emotional and nearly magical atmosphere!


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