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We look forward to inviting you to a very special new series of choral events in 2020.  "Voices & Wine" lives up to its name: five days of choral music, accompanied by excellent wine and the best delicacies that the beautiful Piedmont region has to offer: chocolate, tajarin, cheese, hazelnut and other special products. 

Welcome to Alba!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Carlo Bo, Mayor of Alba

Registration Information

The official registration deadline has passed on November 18, 2019.

If you have not yet registered your choir for organizational reasons please contact us to discuss further details.


"Thank you for your good organization. My choir was very happy on the trip! Hope to see you soon!"

Landesjugendchor Brandenburg, Germany (ON STAGE in Lisbon 2016)

"Your professional work and your kindness were for sure a great help to bring the success of our choirs participation in this festival"

Kolot Bat Yam, Israel (ON STAGE in Lisbon 2016)

"Everyone was very satisfied with our trip to ON STAGE in Prague. I hope that we would stay in touch and see each other in some future events."

Igor Vlajnic, Croatia (ON STAGE in Prague 2016)

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A once-powerful city-state – its centre sported more than 100 towers – Alba is considered the capital of the Langhe and has big-city confidence and energy while retaining all the grace and warmth of a small rural town. Alba's considerable gastronomic reputation comes courtesy of its white truffles, dark chocolate and wine. Its annual autumn truffle fair draws huge crowds and the odd truffle-mad celebrity [...]. The vendemmia (grape harvest) remains refreshingly local and low key, if ecstatic in its own way.

Source: lonelyplanet.com