Tshwane 2018

July 4 – 14, 2018

First-ever World Choir Games in Africa!

World Choir Games

The idea to create an event like the World Choir Games is based on the Olympic ideals, which aim to peacefully unify people and nations connected by song in a fair competition. This idea is supposed to inspire people to experience the power of interaction by singing together. Unrelated to artistic levels, this approach challenges personality and team spirit likewise. The World Choir Games are an international choir festival taking place every two years on different continents.

This idea of the World Choir Games is based on the personal experience of choir singers from all over the world who pick up and pass on human ideals through song. It contributes to people overcoming conflicts and setting, through their social interaction, an example for other people. Music is the common language of the world and serves as a link between cultures and nations.

Cantare insieme unisce le nazioni
La partecipazione è il massimo onore


Artistic Concept

In the course of the successful events since 2000, the artistic committee and the World Choir Council have received a large number of ideas and suggestions on how to improve the competition. The crucial point of change is that as of 2010 the World Choir Games will consist of two separate competitions, which will reflect the spectrum of the choirs' levels of accomplishment better and give every choir the opportunity to express its abilities in the right kind of competition.

The competitions are called The Champions Competition and The Open Competition. When a choir's application is confirmed by the artistic committee, it will also be informed which competition it will be participating in. Differences regarding this decision will be solved by the choir’s participation in a Qualification Concert that will be held in front of a competent jury. And also choirs participating for the first time can choose this opportunity to find out which category will be the most suitable for them. Qualification Concerts always take place before the competitions.

The Champions Competition
The Open Competition
Concerto di qualificazione
Presidenti artistici onorari

Seminars & Workshops

The INTERKULTUR events are not just competitions and international choir festivals but the pedagogical offers also become more comprehensive. In connection with most competitions and festivals (including the World Choir Games) conventions, seminars for conductors, composer presentations and lectures take place. Some of these pedagogical projects address conductors in particular, some also choristers and other people interested in learning more about choral music. In recent years, INTERKULTUR has also arranged separate series of seminars in different countries.


RIGA 2014 – Lettonia
CINCINNATI 2012 – Stati Uniti (USA)
SHAOXING 2010 – Repubblica Popolare Cinese
GRAZ 2008 – Repubblica Federale Austriaca
XIAMEN 2006 – Repubblica Popolare Cinese
BREMA 2004 – Repubblica Federale Tedesca
BUSAN 2002 – Corea del Sud
LINZ 2000 – Repubblica Federale Austriaca
SOCHI 2016 - Russia

In 2016 the 9th World Choir Games were held in the world's largest country: in Russia. The 2014 Winter Olympic City of Sochi welcomed 283 choirs and 12,000 participants from 76 nations in the Olympic Park and the inner city.

In times of global political challenges the 9th World Choir Games were an important platform of intercultural exchange, a unifying power between all peoples and a symbol of peace for all countries on earth. INTERKULTUR organized the World Choir Games 2016 in close cooperation with the ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the region of Krasnodar and the city of Sochi.

Honorary President: Walter Scheel, former President of the Federal Republic of Germany

Sochi 2016


Host City 2020

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