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Turn your choral dreams into reality (part 1)

4 ideas to update your choral bucket list this year

Your Choral Bucket List

At the beginning of each new year, we always feel a burst of motivation to set goals, make new plans, and take on new habits and challenges.

This is a wonderful time to take advantage of this momentum and concretize our objectives.

If you are in a choir, you could also use this time and new-found energy to review your choral dreams and start thinking about how to make them a reality.

But fear not: we know that, for how stimulating this new wave of hope and optimism can be, goal setting can also feel daunting… and this is why we are here for you!

In this article, we will provide you with numerous ideas to update your Choral Bucket List or show you the ways you can make sure to tick the goals you have been having for a while!

We want to stimulate your imagination with fun ideas, inspire you to make the most out of the year ahead of you, and show you how to turn your dreams into life-long memories.

Travel around Europe:

Add a competition in Italy, Portugal, Spain, or Austria to your European concert tour!

INTERKULTUR’s choir competitions and events range will travel all across Europe in 2023. From the singing city of Hull, Great Britain at the end of April, to the sunny and lively Lucca, Italy, in May… from Austria and Germany over the summer, to Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Portugal over the autumn…

From colder Northern cities to sunny and warm towns in the South, from mountain landscapes in the East to sunny beaches in the West, you can be sure that our 2023 calendar has got Europe covered!


Go to paradise:

Combine your choir trip with a dreamy vacation near the most beautiful beaches

If you have been dreaming of relaxing under the sun, in the breeze of the sea near beautiful beaches, INTERKULTUR’s event program has your back!

Many of INTERKULTUR’s events are located in marvelous locations near some of the most famous coastlines, from the Asian beaches with beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue water near Hoi An (Vietnam) and in Gangneung (Republic of Korea), all the way to the Mediterranean sunny shores in Spain and Portugal.


Discover the land of hobbits and hospitality:

Come to New Zealand for the 13th World Choir Games!

In July 2024, the city of Auckland in New Zealand will be hosting the world’s largest international choir competition.

Although New Zealand has been made famous by being the scenographic land of The Hobbit, the country was long renowned for its manaakitanga – its culture of warm welcome and hospitality that will also be a hallmark of the 13th World Choir Games where visitors will be honored, supported and even uplifted.

Aotearoa New Zealand is a singing nation, with a thriving choir culture in every town and city. The country’s musical traditions reflect the rich diversity of its multicultural population and are woven through the fabric of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland.

Join us at the World Choir Games 2024 and receive a warm welcome and an unforgettable cultural experience! In the spirit of manaakitanga you will be made to feel part of the New Zealand whānau – its family!


Explore the sounds of Nordic choral music:

Learn from choirs in Sweden and Denmark at the European Choir Games!

The next European Choir Games will be hosted by the city of Norrköpping, Sweden (2023). After the unforgettable experiences of the last event in Gothenburg 2019, in 2023 choirs from Europe and around the world will meet in the city of Norrköping for choir competitions, concerts, workshops, and international exchange – in a nation that is famous for internationally acclaimed choirs and singing groups.

The home of the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, with several venues located in the city’s old industrial landscape, will be the center of the European Choir Games 2023 where all choirs can meet, sing and celebrate together.

In 2025, the European Choir Games will be hosted in another Scandinavian country as they will take place in Århus, Denmark!


If you have always been fascinated by Nordic choral music and culture, this is your chance to be fully immersed in it!

Stay tuned for part 2 to be published next week! And in the meantime, why don’t you follow us on social media and tell us about your #choralbucketlist2023?

We’ll help you find the most suitable choral event for your dreams!