2nd Choir Olympics

October 19 - 27, 2002 Busan, Republic of Korea

Busan 2002

Around 12,000 participants from 48 nations came to Busan to celebrate the second edition of the Choir Olympics and helped to establish this event as a constant in the worldwide choral calendars. In 25 categories 288 choirs sang in 324 competition appearances for 52 golden, 67 silver and 11 bronze diplomas in the Choir Olympic Qualification Round and for 54 gold, 102 silver, and 38 bronze medals in the Choir Olympic Competition. The most successful countries were China, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. 51 choir experts belonged to the international jury. Also in Korea a resolution was discussed and passed and handed over to Eskil Hemberg, Past President of the International Music Council (IMC) of UNESCO. Patron of the Event was Ahn Sang-Yong, Mayor of the City of Busan.

The Hall of the Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre (BEXCO) was filled to capacity with more than 7,000 visitors of the Opening Ceremony. The festival with about 300 friendship concerts in various locations in Busan was a real crowd puller. On the 20 October, a concert with 10,000 visitors took place which was broadcasted by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) on TV. 12 seminars on several topics concerning choral music were offered during the nine days of the event, some with a high number of participants.

"As President of the Republic of Korea, it is my pleasure and honor to give a heartfelt invitation all of you to attend this world-class festival of the human spirit united in song. Together with all Koreans, I await the chance to welcome the members of the global choral family. We can therefore expect that the 2002 Choir Olympics, a festival of joyful harmony, will significantly contribute to the friendship and reconciliation of all the people on this earth."

Kim Dae-jung, President of the Republic of Korea

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Honorary Presidency of the Choir Olympics
Artistic Honorary Presidency of the Choir Olympics
Artistic Honorary Committee of the Choir Olympic

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