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Come with us to Tagbilaran, Bohol in the Philippines. As one of the most beautiful regions of Southeast Asia and the "jewel of the Philippines", the Sing'n'Joy Bohol 2024 awaits you with unique nature and numerous historical churches, which are brought to life with choral music from all over the world.

Welcome to Bohol - sing, celebrate and have a great time!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Jane C. Yap, Mayor of Tagbilaran

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"We're having a great time: fantastic performances with enthusiastic audiences, nice hotel, beautiful beach to get some sun and relaxation; all well organized, thanks for that!"

Fonty’s Jazz Choir, Netherlands (WCG Sochi 2016)

"Thank you very much for the great organization yet again. I loved my time in Wernigerode and we had a lot of fun in between the work which is always healthy!"

Angela Stevens, jury member, South Africa (Wernigerode 2015)

"On behalf of the crew and passengers of Theaterkoor Vinger in je Oor I would like to thank you for organising such a FANTASTIC festival! We have had a great time and have some of the best memories of our lives in our minds forever. Everything was organized in a perfect way, so big, big, big compliments to you all! […] We will meet again in the future, because this will not be the last time we joined an INTERKULTUR festival!"

Wim van der Zanden, Theaterkoor Vinger in je Oor, Netherlands (Calella 2014)

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A new international airport on the island will provide the participants of our festival with the opportunity to fly directly to the province of Bohol from China, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and other cities.

Part of the Visayas archipelago, which includes 61 islands, Bohol is primarily known for its fauna and flora. Crossed by the Loboc river, the island is strewn with mangroves where a large network of small caves is to be found. The 'Chocolate Hills' remain the island's main attraction though. The vegetation on these 1,268 lush green hills is baked by the sunlight, making the mountains look chocolate-covered. The only city on the island is Tagbilaran, located on the south west coast. Two bridges connect it to Panglao Island, whose most popular beach is Alona Beach, which is about a mile long and covered with fine sand. In terms of fauna, this is where the small tarsier lives. A protected species, it is the smallest primate in the world, measuring barely 4 inches, and is a nocturnal animal with big eyes.

Source: www.easyvoyage.co.uk

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