Sing Along Concert Vienna

May 06 - 08, 2016 Vienna, Austria

A project of the World Festival Singers

The last years have proved, that the Sing Along Concert by the Berlin Radio Choir was not only a good idea, but with constantly 1.300 singers from all over the world a manifested grand in Berlins’ musical life. That’s a good reason for going on a journey with this idea and meet other musical cities.

Already in 2010 a Sing Along Concert took place during the Aspendos Festival in Turkey.

In 2014 INTERKULTUR invited music lovers from all over the world to a Sing Along Concert journey in the Hungarian capital city Budapest. In 2016 INTERKULTUR will bring all singing loving people to Vienna, Austria’s capital and the most important city of classical music at all. On the marks of the grand composer a work by Franz Schubert will be prepared and performed together in Vienna.

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Schubert is in the air!
Closing Concert

"It was a great pleasure meeting you all and I hope we will be seeing each other more in the near future."

Jeanne Rabin, Israel

"There are so many impressions imprinted in my mind and heart"

Nancy C. Roman, Miriam College High School Glee Club, Philippines

"I am fascinated how well everything was organized. I have organized many group journeys to similar events, both Interkultur and non-Interkultur-events, and I have never had so few problems to solve."

Lars Högberg, Kammarkören Sångkraft, Sweden

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This event lies in the past!

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Berlin Radio Choir
Simon Halsey
Vienna Academic Philharmonic Orchestra


Vienna is not only the capital of Austria but is also considered Europe’s capital of music. Important composers of the Viennese classical music such as Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven felt comfortable in the magnificent and historic buildings located in the streets of Vienna. More reasons to visit the multifaceted city are the many museums and public squares rich in history. Castle Schönbrunn, summer residence of Empress Sissy, the Stephan dome, the Viennese Prater or the zoo Schönbrunn belong to the most important sights of the city. And lovers of regional and culinary specialties will also find lots of things to indulge in when savouring a piece of Sacher cake and a genuine Viennese Schnitzel. Apart from the cosy flair of a major city a hiking trip to the Austrian Alps is also highly recommended.

There are several ways to get to Vienna by plane:

Vienna International Airport (VIE) is located 24 km away from the center of Vienna and is regularly approached by the following airlines: germanwings, Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, China Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, LOT - Polish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Croatia Airlines, TAP Portugal, easyJet, Air One, American Airlines etc.

M. R. Štefánik Airport (Bratislava, Slovakia) (BTS) is located 86 km away from the center of Vienna and is regularly approached by the following airlines: Czech Airlines, flydubai, NIKI, Ryanair and U Tair Aviation.

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