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Turn your choral dreams into reality (part 2)

More ideas to update your choral bucket list

Your Choral Bucket List

After having published the first part of our Choral Bucket List Ideas 2023, we're happy to show you 5 more exciting ideas on how to concretize the plans in your bucket list this year in part 2: 

Work with one of the best exponents of choral music in the most beautiful concert house:

Learn from Eric Whitacre in Barcelona!

Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor, Eric Whitacre, is among today’s most popular musicians. His works are programmed worldwide and his ground-breaking Virtual Choirs have united 100,000 singers from more than 145 countries.

In other words, he is one of the best!

Luckily for your bucket list, during the 2023 Sing Along Concert in Barcelona, Spain, Eric Whitacre will work with the participating singers on some of his most popular compositions and conduct an incredible Closing Concert on the last day.

The event is open to individual singers, as always, but choirs that have Whitacre’s pieces in their repertoire will also have the chance to take this unique chance to deepen their knowledge of these pieces together with the composer himself!


Bring your choir to the top:

Set new goals and improve your choir’s ranking in the world

INTERKULTUR is carrying out all its competitions according to the “MUSICA MUNDI” quality seal and evaluation method. This frame of reference made it possible to start an overall comparison of all competing choirs over the years and to thus create the first INTERKULTUR World Rankings. The ranking system features the TOP 50 choirs from all over the world in  8 different categories, plus an overall TOP 1000 ranking.

This means that, at each choir event you take part in, you have the opportunity to improve your score in the Rankings!

If you’re curious to see what choirs are currently listed as the best in the world, check out the INTERKULTUR World Rankings here.


Put in work on your singing and performance skills:

Perform before a panel of renowned international choral experts during Individual Coachings and Evaluation Performances

Almost all INTERKULTUR’s events offer choirs the opportunity to sign up to Evaluation Performances and sing pieces of the choir's choice before a panel of qualified international jurors who provide immediate positive artistic and pedagogical advice for improvement.

Similarly, Individual Coachings allow choirs to work on one piece of their choice with an international choral expert for stimulating artistic ideas and interpretive guidance.

You don’t only get to be part of a choir event, challenge yourself by competing in front of an international jury or singing on stage in front of an international audience, and meet new friends sharing your passion from all over the world, but you also get to improve while doing it!


Make friends for a lifetime:

Experience other cultures and music face to face in Friendship Concerts

At each event, choirs have the opportunity to take part and perform in Friendship Concerts. These concerts are not only an opportunity to sing in front of a local audience in a relaxed way but to listen to and meet other choirs!

During Friendship Concerts, choirs from different nations of the world sing together and fill the streets of their host towns with their voices and with their cultures.  


Go viral:

Be creative and get featured on INTERKULTUR’s TikTok & Instagram channels!

During INTERKULTUR’s choir competition and events, you can work with our media and social media teams and take part in interviews, fun challenges, and more to then be featured on all of our channels!


As you see, INTERKULTUR’s Event Calendar has got you covered: we thrive to fulfill the dreams in the bucket lists of choirs all over the world, and to transform them into memorable experiences for a lifetime!

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