Notes of Christmas Carol

The most peaceful time of the year starts

With your support INTERKULTUR brings December to sound

Christmas Carols

The fragrance of roasted almonds, star-shaped cinnamon biscuits, hot spiced wine and fir cones slowly and gently captures our noses. Each street corner is being illuminated with glittering and warm colours and invites passers-by to contemplativeness and anticipation. Here and there a catchy Christmassy tune resounds in numerous shopping malls, becoming a faithful companion during the next weeks. At the end of the year people come together in churches and listen to contemplative choral sounds. It won’t be long until the most peaceful time of the year starts.

On this occasion INTERKULTUR presents songs from all over the world which broach the issue of Christmas and peaceful cooperation. We have already generated a small list and hope for your support sharing your favourite December song with the world.

Send us your songs and your wishes for next year to online(at) 

We look back on a successful and eventful 2015 and are looking forward to the next year meeting you, choral loving singers from all over the world!

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