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A story from Russia with love...

Aleksey Rodionov shares his personal love story

Choir Stories

I was born in Kazakhstan. I have been singing in the choir all of my life: at school, music school, music college. In 2000, I graduated from the conservatory in the city of Almaty, majoring in a choir conductor and began working as a conductor in the State Choir Capella of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For my devoted service to music and my singing in the church choir, God thanked me that I met my future wife in the temple of art - the opera house. My wife sang in the choir of another church. We have been married for 17 years, now we live in Russia. My wife and I “harmonized” so well that we have a daughter and a son. The children graduated from a music school, where they sang in a choir for several years. I work in the choir of a musical theater and lead the male choir in the Orthodox Church. Has been on tour, choral competitions and festivals in many countries.

Aleksey Rodionov
2021, Russia