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6 Benefits of Singing with Others

6 reasons why you should consider joining a Sing Along Concert

About Choir Singing

We already know that singing together feels good. But did you know that it’s proving to be good for you, too?

In multiple ways, the act of coming together to make music with our voices improves our lives. It makes our bodies healthier, our minds more at ease, and our friendships stronger.

The profound benefits of all of us singing together inspired the Sing Along events on INTERKULTUR’s calendar — like Sing Along in Barcelona (September 1-4, 2022) and in Milan (April 20-23, 2023). At these events, the audience is allowed to join a world class choir in a celebration of song.

In the meantime, let’s look at some of the surprising ways that singing with others can improve your overall health and wellness.

Singing Boosts Happiness

People who sing in groups have a lot of joy added into their life. There’s the beauty of the music itself, the powerful sense of togetherness when everyone harmonizes, and the satisfaction of spending your time in such a fun and meaningful way. All of that comes together to boost our happiness.

And it turns out that participating in group singing can actually positively impact your mental health in the long term. Many people report much higher feelings of wellness and happiness when they sing in groups. That means we could all benefit from taking the time to do more group singing — whether in a choir or with loved ones.

Singing Makes Fast Friends

There is a reason that choristers become so close to one another. That’s because when we sing together, we develop a rich connection, similar to if we eat together or have lengthy conversations. That makes choirs a great place to make friends. And it makes an argument for more group singing in more parts of our lives.

Researchers have established that singing together promotes an “ice-breaker” effect, fast tracking people past the awkward phase of meeting. Science continues to build up more evidence for this effect, but all you need to do is join a choir to see it first hand.

Singing Improves a Sense of Community

In today’s world, we frequently find ourselves lonely. Loneliness can make many health problems worse, and it’s also painful in its own right. It’s especially unfortunate, given how few community building opportunities there are anymore. Many of us don’t even talk to our neighbors.

But singing in choirs has proven to be a great way to build a large community. One study found that singing in a large group of people creates strong feelings of closeness. That means powerful bonding with many people, an antidote to the lonely lives many of us live today.

Singing Releases Endorphins

You don’t need scientists to tell you that singing with others feels good. After all, you can just experience it directly. But it is interesting when researchers get a better grasp on how it makes you feel good. Part of that, it turns out, is by releasing endorphins — feel good chemicals, essentially.

Performing music has shown to help people’s pain threshold increase, a way for researchers to study if something releases endorphins. That’s good news. Endorphins not only help us manage pain, they also elevate mood and our overall outlook on life.

Singing Strengthens the Immune System

Believe it or not, researchers have found that singing in groups, especially in choirs, increases your body’s ability to fight off infections. What’s strange, though, is that they can’t come up with a satisfactory reason why that would happen.

It could be that its power to destress and calm us down gives us more energy for our immune system, or it could be the enhanced mood that does it. Either way, it’s a surprising benefit that choir singers are happy to have!

Singing Helps Relaxation

Singing in a group has major physiological benefits throughout the body. It immediately helps your breathing, slowing it down and making it deeper. It also reduces muscle tension by promoting full-body coordination. At the same time, singing helps your posture.

All of those together create a powerful, relaxing state that promotes wellness all around. In this relaxed state, we feel better and more connected. When combined with the benefits listed above, it’s a truly healing experience.

Come Sing With Us

If you would like to feel all the amazing benefits of group singing, consider coming to our Sing Along events in Barcelona or Milan!

At Sing Along, you are invited to listen to an incredible choir performing transcendentally beautiful music on stage while joining in on the fun. It’s a fantastic, internationally experienced choral society collaborating with amateurs of all walks of life to create an experience no one is soon to forget.

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