Prof. Zheng Yiaoying and Prof. Yang Hongnian

INTERKULTUR appoints new Artistic Honorary Presidents

Chinese conductors Prof. Zheng Yiaoying and Prof. Yang Hongnian add to the Artistic Honorary Presidency


INTERKULTUR honors two outstanding international conductors from China for their long-time commitment regarding INTERKULTUR events: Prof. Zheng Yiaoying und Prof. Yang Hongnian.

Professor Zheng Xiaoying is the first female conductor for orchestras in China, professor for conducting as well as a music-sociological campaigner. For many years she worked as the artistic director and principal conductor of the philharmonic orchestra Xiamen, principal conductor of the Chinese national opera, head of the department for choral conducting at the central Chinese music conservatory and as the musical director of the “female philharmonic orchestra”. In her capacity as an artistic director she proved to be a strong support for INTERKULTUR during the 4th and 6th World Choir Games in Xiamen (2006) and Shaoxing (2010).

Numerous national and international accolades, such as the award of the national Chinese opera house ‚honorary conductor appointed for life‘, give proof of her outstanding work.

Prof. Zheng Yiaoying conveyed greetings on the occasion of this year’s World Choir Games: “Wish a great success to the 9th World Choir Games in Sochi! Pass on the profound and colorful heartfelt wishes of people from all over the world through singing; Gather with joy to step up world peace and harmony!” (February 2016)

Professor Yang Hongnian belongs to the most famous conductors and educators in China. Since the mid-eighties the „Children and Young Women’s Chorus of the China National Symphony Orchestra“, which was founded by him, is presumed to be one of the three best children’s choirs of the world. Yang Hongnian serves as the choir’s artistic director as well as its conductor.

Many performances on national and international stages earned him a worldwide reputation. Due to his long time experience and his comprehensive knowledge in the field of choral music he is working as a juror at numerous international choir competitions. In 2014 Yang Hongnian was awarded the honorary title ‘Chinese person of culture’.

Apart from the Artistic Honorary Presidents already appointed, the US composer Morten Lauridsen, the Greek music icon Mikis Theodorakis and the Swedish conductors Eric Ericson (in memoriam), both Chinese conductors will enrich the line of high-ranking personalities of the choral world in the INTERKULTUR family.

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