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"Hello Council": Chinese and American Conductors Talk About "Mixed Choir"

Online talk with guest speakers Prof. Tian Xiaobao, Dr. Brady R. Allred and young conductor Li Yanlu

World Choir Council

"Hello Council" is the series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council. The 10th "Hello Council" happened on May 20 with guest speakers Prof. Tian Xiaobao, Chinese representative of World Choir Council, Dr. Brady R. Allred, a famous American conductor and a young Chinese conductor named Li Yanlu. This live focused on the topic of "Mixed Choirs". Nearly 200 Chinese audience participated in the live broadcast, and more than 10,000 people watched the video recording.

"Mixed Choirs are a very large family, which is very important in the choral field, not only in terms of the level and dimension of the works, but also in terms of the richness of its interpretation and the impact on the audience." The live session began under the host of Ms. Iris Huting, project director, and Mr. Fred Sjöberg, Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council.

Dr. Brady R. Allred is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Salt Lake Choral Artists, a choral organization consisting of seven different choirs that have toured the world for more than 20 years. Dr. Brady R. Allred introduced the development history and experience of the organization, and specifically focused on the preparation work of conductors and analysis of the scores before rehearsals. Mr. Fred Sjöberg agreed, "When the conductors want to be an artist and make music, what I have to say is that 90 percent of that is working on their desk."

On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the Tiankong Choir founded and conducted by Prof. Tian Xiaobao, he shared a Chinese folklore work named "Banana and Grape", performed in a memorial online-concert, to show the audience the new Mixed Choir’s sound shaping aesthetic orientation in China, a combination of western choral art technique and traditional Chinese folk song singing skills. This creates a unique Chinese choral sound effect. "The national sentiment, national spirit and cultural inheritance are the most important for the world to understand Chinese chorus," Tian said.

Since the beginning of 2022, Hello Council has welcomed fresh air -- special guest speaker Chinese young conductor Li Yanlu has added a more young atmosphere to the meeting. She presented her statements about the roles of altos and tenors in the mixed choirs, and the guests discussed their views.

Project Manager Li Qixuan said, "We will invite more outstanding young conductors to join the Hello Council family and make the voices of young people around the world be heard!"