Current cancellation conditions for events in 2022

What is currently valid when you register for an INTERKULTUR event?


We are looking forward to 2022 and are hopeful that we will be able to hold the events in our event calendar for that year as planned.

But what happens, if an event or your participation needs to be cancelled?

The following rules currently apply in that case:

In the case of cancellations that are not based on COVID cases, the previous cancellation conditions of our GTC remain in effect.

In case of cancellations due to the COVID situation, we have to distinguish between two scenarios: 

(a) The COVID situation in the host country/city does not allow choirs to arrive. In this case, the participants will receive a full refund of the payments made.

b) The COVID situation in the choir's home country/city does not allow them to travel. In this case, for all events in 2022, they can withdraw their registration up to 60 days before the start of the event and receive a full refund of payments made.

An overview of the currently planned events for this year can be found here:


Until we meet again: Stay healthy and keep on singing!