Opening event on the water © INTERKULTUR

SOUND WAVES LINZ: Shining Opening event on the water

Choirs from 13 nations are singing and celebrating together in Linz


For the eighth time already, the vibrant city of Linz in Austria has opened its doors to choirs from around the globe, hosting an international choir competition and festival. This year, under the fresh name of SOUND WAVES Linz, a new and exciting addition perfectly captured the spirit of the event: an enchanting opening ceremony on water! As the clock struck 17:00 h, the Danube ship "MS Passau" eagerly awaited the arrival of the participating choirs at the landing stage near the iconic Brucknerhaus, offering them a picturesque journey along the majestic Danube. Against this breathtaking backdrop, choirs from 13 different nations came together, poised to mesmerize one another with their captivating melodies.

Despite the ever-changing weather, the participants remained undeterred, radiating even more joy and energy. Fred Sjöberg, Senior Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR, wholeheartedly extended a warm welcome to all attendees at the opening event. Throughout the journey, four remarkable choirs from Turkey, the Czech Republic, India, and Norway delighted the audience with their captivating performances, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the diverse and enchanting world of choral music that is waiting for them during the upcoming festival days.

While the choirs performed, the remaining participants gathered around them, fostering a warm and familial atmosphere. This camaraderie served as a fitting prelude to the upcoming days, during which the choirs will further connect through competitions, Friendship Concerts, and joyful encounters on the charming streets of the picturesque city of Linz.

As the ship once again docked on the shore, concluding this remarkable journey on the waves of the Danube, all participants disembarked with exuberance, basking in the glorious sunshine.

The opening event of SOUND WAVES Linz 2023 marked a sensational beginning to the forthcoming days filled with competition performances and Friendship Concerts, and an abundance of emotional and musical highlights that will be cherished by all participants for years to come.

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