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Sing for Gold & World Festival Singers make Calella sound twice this year

Choir competition in October and Sing Along Project in May


The city of Calella, located at the beautiful Costa Barcelona, will welcome singers from around the world twice this year. This was announced officially today at a press conference in the town hall of Calella:

In May 2022 the city of Calella and the renowned, award-winning composer Javier Busto invite singers from all over the world to come to Spain and work together as World Festival Singers on some of his own compositions and present them in a final concert together with a professional choir and orchestra.

The choir competition SING FOR GOLD – The World Choral Cup, which was originally planned to take place at the same time in Calella, will be postponed to autumn 2022. The new dates, October 12-16, 2022, will give choirs more opportunity amidst the current situation to find time to rehearse and properly prepare for this prestigious competition.

The Sing for Gold event in October will further have only one part (instead of two, as originally planned) and will conclude with the much-awaited competition among the best choirs for the first-ever World Choral Cup.

Participants will also enjoy a newly-added highlight called “Calella Sings”, in which several Friendship Concerts will take place everywhere in Calella.

But that’s not all: As a special bonus choirs arriving already on or before October 11 will get the opportunity to have an Evaluation Performance or Individual Coaching for free!

What are you waiting for?

Join the "World Festival Singers – Back on Stage with Javier Busto" as an individual singer in May and come back with your choir to “Sing for Gold – The World Choral Cup” from October 12-16, 2022.

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