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Puccini begins this evening

European and Asian choirs sing for the official festival’ start

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Today is the day: the 1st International Choir Festival Puccini in Torre del Lago Puccini will be official opened.

14 choirs from 11 different nations have now arrived in the Italian town and will be ceremonially welcomed by the team of INTERKULTUR and representatives of the city, including Rossella Martina, vice mayor and head of cultural affairs of the city Viareggio. Be welcome!

On the occasion of the Opening five choirs will present their love to music and give a little foretaste of the upcoming days full of Competitions and numerous of Friendship Concerts. The Opening Concert will take place this evening at 18h in the Auditorium "Enrico Caruso" in Torre del Lago Puccini. All interested citizens and choral lovers are welcome to be carried away by the sound of international choirs.

The concert program is created by European and Asian choirs and is characterized by its colorful diversity of international choral music. The following choirs will be heard:

  • LI RON (Israel), conducted by Ronit Shapira
  • Spectrum (Iceland), conducted by Ingveldur Yr Jonsdottir
  • Female Choir VENDA (Latvia), conducted by Anitra Niedre and Rudite Tālberga
  • Shanghai Yangjing High School Men's Choir (China) conducted by Fang Liu
  • Gitasurya Student Choir (Indonesia) conducted by Anna Dwi Satriyo

The Opening Ceremony is the beginning for the competitions, which take place in the next two days. The first competition in the category Sacred Choral Music begins tomorrow at 11h in the beautiful church San Paolino in Viareggio. Following the competition concert the singers will join into one big choir and sing Puccini’s Requiem. We are just as excited as you what we will experience in the concerts.

You will find the latest news on the official Facebook site of the 1st International Choir Festival Puccini and on twitter #puccini2015

In addition, you will find some impressions of Torre del Lago Puccini.

Auditorium "Enrico Caruso" Small streets of Torre del Lago Puccini Fondazione Festival Pucciniano Church San Paolino in Viareggio Fondazione Festival Pucciniano A small church in Torre del Lago Puccini Impressions of Torre del Lago Puccini Small bridge Fondazione Festival Pucciniano Tower in the surroundings of Torre del Lago Puccini

Let’s start the festival!