The green Island Corfu

International choirs come together on the picturesque island in the Mediterranean Sea

Signing of the contract in Corfu seals the cooperation

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

On the occasion of a conference with the Municipality of Corfu, the Ionian University Corfu and the Regional Government, INTERKULTUR announced the official start of another great choral event in Greece yesterday (Tuesday). Supported by the Corfu Choir Union, the "1st Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition", which will take place from October 12-16, 2016, will bring choral singers from all over the world to the capital of the Ionian Islands and makes it resound.

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch comments on the upcoming event full of anticipation: "It's great adding Corfu, a highly attractive as well as culturally and historically important choral stage to our range of events. Corfu offers our international choirs the chance to sing in front of a fantastic scenery amidst olive trees and colorful villages and to get enchanted by the island's Mediterranean charm."

After the contract signing Nicoletta Pandi, Vice Governor of the Ionian Islands, Kostandinos Nikolouzos, Mayor of Corfu as well as Miranda Caldi, Associate Professor of the Ionian University, unanimously stressed the unique opportunity for the island and its habitants to experience the atmosphere of an international choir festival on Corfu.

Corfu is the greenest island in Greece. Apart from the beautiful bays, long beaches and impressive cliffs, the roughly 600 square kilometer island is covered with olive groves. The Mediterranean flair of the island has always attracted millions of tourists – also Empress Elisabeth spent the possibly even happiest years of her life in Corfu.

Detailed information about the "1st Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition" will be announced in the coming days.

Coastal town on Corfu Cliffs on Corfu