Choral concert in the Gesellschaftshaus Magdburg, 2015 © Studi43
Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg

Extraordinary concerts at the Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg

Choral enjoyment from Shanty Choir to Generation Concert 

The birthplace of the baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann will be the venue of the "Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg" from October 7-11, 2020. The "Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg", which has been successfully organized by the Choral Association of the state of Saxony-Anhalt for years, will be complemented this year by an international INTERKULTUR choir competition with singing groups from all parts of the world.

Within the framework of the event, which includes Friendship Concerts, competitions, pedagogical offers and more, special concert highlights for participants, local people, visitors, guests and choir fans stand out. Thus, for example, the Maritime Choirs - Shanty Concert presents choirs on and along the Elbe River, highlighting the strong connection between the city of Magdeburg and its river, the Elbe. As a lifeline as well as a source of inspiration and relaxation for the people of Magdeburg who live on and with the river, the Elbe is the central theme of this musical-maritime concert.

The International Chorfest Magdeburg is also always a festival of the most diverse musical encounters. This becomes e.g. obvious in the Concert of the Generations, when children's choirs and their repertoire meet adult choirs. The result is a multifaceted concert experience for all choir generations. In addition to this, the whole wide range of choral singing can be experienced at the "Long Night of the Choirs". In 2020, the choirs will meet in Magdeburg's Johanniskirche for this popular nightly concert format immediately after the concert of the winnig chors of the international choir competition.

Sacred choral music also plays a special role at this event: sacred compositions for choir and organ will be performed in the St. Sebastian's Church in Magdeburg, a traditional concert venue right in the city center. In addition, a concert of baroque music is of course not to be missed: as Telemann's birthplace, Magdeburg dedicates a special event in the Nicolaikirche to baroque timbres, melodies and effects and the various European influences of this choral era. Finally, as a traditional Closing Concert of the "Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg", a symphonic concert is on the program this year: In addition to a world premiere commissioned by the choir festival, Karl Jenkins will perform his choral work "The armed man: A Mass for Peace", written in 2000, with choirs from the region and accompanied by the Magdeburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Register - now and at once? On March 2, 2020 the registration period ends for early birds who want to secure special benefits for their participation. More time needed to think it over? General registration for participation is still possible until May 18, 2020. Click here for more details about the concert highlights as well as documents, and participation opportunities!