Choir Noor-e Omid

The first polyphonic choir in Afghanistan

The choir Noor-e omid represents its country during the World Choir Games 2016

Choir Spotlight

Yesterday we have presented the stop motion video. Today we would like to introduce you these singers, which invested a lot of time and put their heart and soul into this video.

A portrait of the choir Noor-e omid

For the first time in history of Afghanistan, an Afghan choir was formed consisting of 30 singers, which live in the Iran. It is the first time that Afghanistan has been represented by a four-part choir. Former Afghan ensembles are all singing in unison.

In 2005 the first polyphonic choir of the country was founded by the 22 year old Omid Noori. Seven month ago he started to teach singing and voice-building to some ladies and gentlemen interesting in music. Therefore he successfully laid the foundations of choral music in Afghanistan. Omid Noori is well known through the implementation of opera singing in his country and through his success as first opera singer in Afghanistan.

The choir Noor-e omid has the goal to represent Afghanistan for the first time in the World Choir Games 2016 in Sochi, Russia. We are looking forward to welcome the singers in this intercultural and peaceful choral competition. And we hope that also other choirs will find a way to perform worldwide under the protective roof of music.

You want to learn more about the choral music scene and the founder of the first polyphonic choir in Afghanistan? Get more information about the conductor and the opera singer Omid Noori tomorrow.