Women Dancing in traditional dresses © Mauritius

Registration Opens for the African Asia Pacific Choir Games 2025

The Paradise Island of Mauritius is waiting for you!

African Asia Pacific Choir Games 2025

The registration process for the highly anticipated African Asia Pacific Choir Games 2025 has opened. The event, scheduled for September 27 through October 5, 2025, will be hosted in the stunning setting of Mauritius, a scenic island nation in the Indian Ocean.

The Games are a celebration of the rich musical traditions of Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions, blending vibrant African rhythms with melodious harmonies from the Asia-Pacific. This unique fusion creates an unparalleled atmosphere for both participants and audience members.

Choirs from around the world are invited to participate in various musical categories including different genres and types of choirs ensuring a platform that caters to a wide range of musical tastes and styles.

The event not only offers choirs a chance to showcase their talents on an international stage but also provides a valuable opportunity for cultural exchange and interaction with other choirs, conductors, and music enthusiasts from across the globe.

Important Dates and Registration Information

  • Early Bird Deadline: Choirs looking to participate can register at a discounted rate until December 11, 2024.
  • Regular Deadline: Registrations will be accepted until February 6, 2025.

Participants are encouraged to register early to take advantage of lower rates and secure their spot in this extraordinary event. To register, visit the official event website, where additional details and registration guidelines are available.

For further information please contact our team. The African Asia Pacific Choir Games 2025 promises to be a memorable celebration of diversity and musical talent. Choirs from all over the world are welcomed to join in this celebration of harmony and cultural diversity and we are excited to see what each choir brings to the stage, to hear new and familiar voices in harmony, and to celebrate the spirit of choral music together!