Jurors evaluating the Virtual Competition © Jonas Persson

The results of the Virtual Competitions of the World Choir Games 2021

Congratulations to the winners at home!

World Choir Games 2021

As you all know, the World Choir Games 2021 were the first-ever hybrid World Choir Games event in its more than 20-years history. And today we have the honor of announcing the first-ever winners among the 200 choirs that had decided to submit their contribution and to be part of the World Choir Games competition virtually.

So, let's give a big hand to our fantastic winners of the Virtual Compeitions at the World Choir Games 2021:

Category VP1 – Children’s and Youth Choirs

Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir (China)
conducted by Mingjing Xie


Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Chorus (China)
conducted by Yanhui Su

Category VP2 – Adult Choirs

Bryansk Academic Choir (Russia)
conducted by Mario Bustillo

Category VP3 – Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Spiritual

Cgals Chamber Choir (Namibia)
conducted by Wilna Liebenberg

Category VP4 – Folklore

Nusha Choir (Bulgaria)
conducted by Neli Andreeva

Category VC1 – Video Clip a cappella

Coro Magnificat (Chile)
conducted by Marcela Canales Aguirre

Category VC2 – Video Clip with accompaniment

Vuela Alto (Mexico)
conducted by Homar Sánchez Diaz

Further, the World Choir Council has awarded a Special Prize aiming to express appreciation towards all the choirs for their enthusiasm and to reward their hard work.

The World Choir Council Prize goes to:

Category VC1 - Videoclip a cappella

Coro Magnificat (Chile)
directed by Marcela Canales Aguirre

Category VC2 - Videoclip with accompaniment

South China Normal University Choir (China)
directed by Yanhui Su & Xinran Sun

The complete list of results of the Virtual Competition is available here: 


Tonight, in Flanders there will be the Awards Ceremony of the second part of the World Choir Games competitions on site.

Tune in and cheer for the winners at www.virtualvillage.be!

And now we’d like to express our special and deepest thanks to all the 200 choirs from around the world that had sent their video contribution to participate in the 11th World Choir Games Flanders 2021! We’re so proud of you, your special commitment and all the creative ideas and hard work you’ve put in the production of your videos.

Stay healthy and we hope to see you again live on stage in the Republic of Korea at the 12th World Choirs Games in Gangneung from July 4-14, 2022.

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