Changsha "Dream of Wings" Blind Children Choir

Dream of Wings

From choral singing to angel's wings

Choir Spotlight

INTERKULTUR is pleased to introduce some choirs, which will attend the biggest choral event worldwide: The World Choir Games in Sochi 2016.

The following singers come from China and belong to the special participants of the World Choir Games.

Changsha "Dream of Wings" Blind Children Choir was founded in 2008 by Qian Wang, teacher of Changsha Special Education School, who is also the music instructor of the choir. All the members are the blind students from Changsha Special Education School.

The name of the choir refers to the blind students, which are equated with wingless angels. Only through the power of the choir and the expression of the musical abilities the students receive angel wings, with which they can fulfill their deepest wishes. For the children the music is a tool to gain power and self-confidence. "Dream of Wings"

Since foundation, the choir has made great progress and artistic development by attending many important competitions and performances and has received many national awards, such as the first prize of the Sixth National Arts Festival for Special Education School Students, the Golden medal of the Eighth National Arts Festival for the Disabled.

A warmly welcome to the talented singers from China!