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Announcement: International jury for the World Choir Games 2016!

The adjudicators for this year’s World Choir Games competition evaluation have been announced today.

World Choir Games 2016

45 choral experts from 35 nations agreed yet to come to Sochi, Russia to listen and judge the choirs' performances.

Competitions are at the heart of each World Choir Games. So it’s even more important to have a wide range of choral experts from all around the world to come, listen and evaluate the choirs performances according to the criteria of the long-established Evaluation System of the World Choir Games. Those who will come to Sochi in July this year for that purpose have recently been published here.

Overlooking the list of jury members reveals immediately: There are old hands having great experience in evaluating World Choir Games competitions like André van der Merwe (South Africa), Meng Dapeng (China), Aida Swenson (Indonesia), etc.

But also some new faces can be detected, who will contribute for the first time their long-time experience as choral conductors, like Peggy Dettwiler, conductor of the Mansfield University Choirs in the United States as well as Matthew Wright who is the director of Barnsley Youth Choir (Great Britain), one of the most successful choirs at the European Choir Games 2015 in Magdeburg.

An overview of the jury members who accepted the invitation to come to the World Choir Games 2016 yet can be found on the official event website by checking the menu item "Event Details".

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