365 days to go for the World Choir Games 2022 © INTERKULTUR

365 days to go for the World Choir Games 2022

Counting down to the event's 12th edition in Gangneung, Republic of Korea

World Choir Games 2022

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a countdown represents a short period of time leading to an important event. With today, the choir community around the world rings in their very own choral countdown of 365 days until the 12th World Choir Games in Gangneung/Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea, will begin.

The Gangneung Deputy Mayor Wang-gyu Kim is already looking forward to the World Choir Games 2022 and is warmly inviting everybody to join in:

"On behalf of Gangneung City I would like to express my great joy and gratitude for giving this special and glorious opportunity, which is the World Choir Games, a festival of choirs from all over the world, to Gangneung city. Gangneung, which is full of UNESCO Intangible Heritage Danoje, K-pop and drama places, local food with various flavors, world-class service, and beautiful nature with mountain and sea is waiting for you. 

Both Gangneung citizens and I hope that the power of chorus will warmly embrace the world reality and the preciousness of peace will be delivered to your hearts. Welcome to Gangneung city and let's have fun all together! "

After the first World Choir Games in 2002 in Busan, South Korea will again host the world’s largest choir competition, aiming on becoming Korean Choir Games of Peace. The participants have a variety of participation possibilities such as exciting choir competitions in 28 categories, opportunities for non-competitive evaluation, Friendship Concerts and workshops so that every aspect of choral music will be covered – not to forget one of the most popular highlights, the Parade of Nations on July 10, where the international participants showcase their music and culture and inspire city residents and visitors.

The vibrant Korean choral scene and the stunning setting of the East Sea and the Taebaek mountains will bestow the participants magic and memorable moments for a lifetime. Feel welcome in a country which might speak a different language but which is undoubtedly on the same wavelength – the choral one!

Check out www.wcg2022.com and learn how to be part of it!

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