Chinese singers

30 seconds for INTERKULTUR

Chinese choirs are looking forward to the World Choir Games 2016

World Choir Games 2016

On the occasion of the World Choir Games we have motivated all participating choirs to send us a short video with their thoughts and wishes regarding to the upcoming choral festival in Sochi. Today we would like to present you the first part of our video series "30 seconds for INTERKULTUR", which is focused on Chinese choirs.

Thank you very much to the singers of the choirs:

  • Changsha Dream of Wings Blind Children Choir
  • Shanghai Elderly Chorus Troupe
  • The Little Conch Chorus of Tanggu
  • Chu Cultural of China
  • Children's Broadcast Choir of Zhejiang

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Another video full of anticipation to the World Choir Games will follow soon. Stay tuned!

You want to watch yourself in one video? Then record a short video with your thoughts and wishes regarding to the World Choir Games 2016 and send it to INTERKULTUR.