Grand Prix of Nations

A competition on a high level

INTERKULTUR invites amateur choirs to the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017

Following the great success of the 1st Grand Prix of Nations 2015 in Magdeburg, Germany, INTERKULTUR again invites singers from February […]

Choir Stories

In dialogue with Omid Noori

The pioneer of opera singing in Afghanistan

Omid Noori is the conductor of the choir Noor-e omid, one of the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016 in Sochi, Russia. When […]

Choir Stories

The first polyphonic choir in Afghanistan

The choir Noor-e omid represents its country during the World Choir Games 2016

Yesterday we have presented the stop motion video. Today we would like to introduce you these singers, which invested a lot of time and put […]

World Choir Games 2016

The peacemaking power of music

A stop motion video with an important message

On the occasion of the World Choir Games 2016 we have motivated all participating choirs to send us their thoughts and wishes regarding to […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Discover places of happiness in the Austrian summer retreat

Follow INTERKULTUR’s International Choir Competition & Festival to blissful spots in Bad Ischl

Singing is one way to create happiness for singers and the audience alike – and thus participants and visitors of the 13th International […]

World Choir Games 2016

30 seconds for INTERKULTUR

Chinese choirs are looking forward to the World Choir Games 2016

On the occasion of the World Choir Games we have motivated all participating choirs to send us a short video with their thoughts and wishes […]

International Choral Scene

A Coversong with a clear message

10 year-old pupils sing their own "Fight Song"

A recently published music video catches the attention of the music community. In 2015, some young singers at the age of 10 years recorded a […]

Günter Titsch

Günter Titsch celebrates his 70th birthday

INTERKULTUR congratulates its founder and president

Today is not only a special day for Günter Titsch but also for INTERKULTUR: Titsch's idea to establish ties to all parts of the world by […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Sing'n'Joy Provo joins "Music and the Spoken Word"

Broadcast with a long tradition elates the audience since nearly 90 years

On the occasion of the choral festival Sing'n'Joy Provo 2016 INTERKULTUR offers all participating singers the possibility to join a famous […]

Shunde 2015

Reunion with singers of Dekoor Close Harmony in Shunde

Johan Rooze reported about the meeting with his former students at the Sing'n'Joy China 2015

Dekoor Close Harmony belongs to the most successful and well-known students' choirs in Europe. Located at the University of Utrecht, […]