Sing Along Concert Vienna

Singing Along is fun!

Sing Along Concert with the Berlin Radio Choir in Berlin was an impressive experience

Roughly 900 active particpants joint the Sing Along Concert with the Berlin Radio Choir, Simon Halsey and the Wiener Akademische […]

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Golden Badge of Honor for long-time companions

INTERKULTUR honors Prof. Lessky and Prof. Wild in Vienna

Prior to the huge closing concert of the 30th Int. Franz Schubert Choir Competition and Sing Along Concert with the Berlin Radio Choir, […]

Sing Along Concert Vienna

Promising rehearsals for the Sing Along Concert

A choir practice with up to 650 participants is a huge challenge for everyone

Hard rehearsal work in Vienna is still going on, because for the big Sing Along Concert tonight the participants must have Franz Schubert’s […]

Franz Schubert Choir Competition

Kammerkoret Bocca wins Franz Schubert Choir Prize 2016

Top class Grand Prize Competition at the 30th Int. Franz Schubert Choir Competition

Cheering was endless when finally at the Awards Ceremony of the 30th Int. Franz Schubert Choir Competition in Vienna the overall winner and […]

Franz Schubert Choir Competition

Singing for the Franz Schubert Choir Prize

The jury has nominated the best choirs to sing for the overall win

The competitions in 10 different categories are over and the jury has decided on the best ensembles to compete once again in the Grand Prize […]

Sing Along Concert Vienna

From today we say: Sing Along!

Rehearsals for Sunday’s great Sing Along Concert have started

It was a very emotional beginning of rehearsals for the huge Sing Along Concert International on May 8 on the occasion of the 30th […]

Franz Schubert Choir Competition

Competition day

International Franz Schubert Choir Competition is in full swing

It started this morning at 11:30 am. The first choir to enter the stage of the Schubertsaal in the Vienna Concert Hall and to compete in the […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

Prestigious jury member for anniversary event in Wernigerode

VOCES8 co-founder Paul Smith will evaluate choral performances

The first jury member to join the 10th anniversary edition of the Johannes Brahms International Choir Festival & Competition (Wernigerode, […]

Your Voice

Paul Smith and the VOCES8 Method

A pedagogical concept designed for students from all over the world

In the World Wide Web there are numerous of videos, which offer tips and advices for your voice and your choral performances – you know them […]

Franz Schubert Choir Competition

Sing’n’Joy Vienna has been openend

Five choirs inspire the audience at the opening concert in the Votiv Church

The Votiv Church in Vienna was packed when yesterday evening five international choirs came together to present their skills and music from […]