European Choir Games 2015

All winners have been awarded – now let’s celebrate!

Third and last Awards Ceremony rings in the Closing Day of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations

As always, cheering and joy were endless also at the third Awards Ceremony of this year’s European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations.  […]

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How to create a fascinating warm-up

Miguel Felipe explains different methods for a warm-up, which is definitely not boring.

Every choral singer knows the everlasting evil of the rehearsals` beginning: the warm-up. Mostly this part of the rehearsal is not one of […]

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Relaxed atmosphere at the Night of Choirs

Closing time, twilight, spot light, some really good jazz music, some pop music, on top of this a glass of red wine and the evening is […]

After two previous concerts part 3 of the Night of Choirs continued in a relaxing atmosphere in the Festung Mark.The ensemble Mt. San […]

European Choir Games 2015

Awards Ceremony II – More winners announced!

At the Awards Ceremony this morning it turned out: Barnsley Youth Choir from Great Britain achieved an outstanding success at the European […]

The European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2015 are starting to come to a close. The second Awards Ceremony happened this morning and […]

European Choir Games 2015

Tears of joy and cheering

When the first Category Winners and Champions of the European Choir Games as well as the first Winner of the Grand Prix of Nations were […]

The first winners of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2015 have been found! The first Awards Ceremony in the Festung Mark on […]

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European Choir Games Qualification – July 9

NEW choirs qualify to perform in the next higher competition UPDATE 22:00 h

Category C9 – Gospel and Spiritual (The Champions Competition):  The jury decided to classify the following choirs to compete once again in […]

European Choir Games 2015

Big challenge for the Rundfunk-Jugendchor Wernigerode

New singers perform the Opening Concert after four rehearsals only

Those who attended the Opening Concert of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations on Sunday, July 5, enjoyed the live performance […]

European Choir Games 2015

A Gala Concert with an outstanding program

Finish Folklore, chants of the Maori and on top of this Country and Blues

Yesterday the Gala Concert in the Gesellschaftshaus Magdeburg was announced as a highlight of the „2nd European Choir Games & Grand Prix of […]

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European Choir Games 2015 Video Diary

Want to see what you miss at the European Choir Games? Check out the video diary on!

Whether you are a participant and busy with your own choir in these days or somebody who stayed at and wants to follow the Games online: Not […]

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How a Friendship Concert turns into a choir party

In the late afternoon already bad weather conditions were in the offing and the planned Friendship Concert might fall through. And that is […]

Without hesitation the concert moved from the open air stage into the walls of the Festung Mark. The conductor’s lounge turned into a stage […]