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Dear singers, it is a joy to sing together! We make this possible and cordially invite you to Calella to become part of the World Festival Singers. Rehearse with a professional choir and orchestra conducted by the composer himself, Javier Busto. It is a project for individual singers who do not want to wait any longer to be back on stage again!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR

Dear World Festival Singers, INTERKULTUR offers us the opportunity to meet us in Calella in order to work on my music with a fantastic chamber orchestra. It will be a few days full of joy and fun to remember! We will see us in Calella!

Javier Busto, Artistic Director

Event Details

Javier Busto
Cor Harmonia
Orquestra Simfònica Harmonia
Albert Deprius

"I joined for the first time, 2 friends of mine got me hooked on it! I want to thank you! It was so wonderful, I didn’t dare hope that the conductor would guide 1000 singers so well! This resulted from the preparation of each individual singer, the motivation, concentration and also the charisma of Simon Halsey! A wonderful singing experience!"

Ulrike Kiesselbach, Germany (Sing Along Vienna 2016)

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Sing Along Concert Vienna with the Berlin Radio Choir. I have just had the most beautiful choral experience of my life! It has been my dream to sing with a proper orchestra, and Interkultur made that dream come true!"

Okechukwu Bede Okoro, Nigeria (Sing Along Vienna 2016)

"A big thanks to you and the whole Interkultur team for organising the Sing Along Concert in Vienna! Everything worked out well and minor problems were solved in a very professional way! It was really fantastic how everything worked, especially the logistics on Sunday evening!"

Astrid Kleinau-Kleffe, Germany (Sing Along Vienna 2016)

Registration Information

Early Bird deadline: March 1, 2022
Registration deadline: March 31, 2022


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3,5 kilometers of sandy beach, its location directly at the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to Barcelona make Calella a popular European destination. During the choral festival singers can wonderfully make music, stroll and relax in the contemplative old town with its Catalan and Mediterranean charm.
Since its 650 years of history Calella has developed from a small fishing village into a favoured resort of all nations and age groups. This mixture of modernity, hospitality and Catalan traditions add a special touch to Calella and thus make it an appealing travel destination.

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