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Already for the 10th time we are looking forward to invite singers from all over the world on the beautiful sunny island Grado, to celebrate the International Choir Festival "ISOLA DEL SOLE". Enjoy an atmospheric choir festival in one of the most beautiful regions south of the Alps. You are warmly welcome!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Dario Raugna, Mayor of Grado

Participation opportunities

This event provides you the opportunity to choose from the following options of participation:

Non-competitive participation Competitive participation
Festival participation** Competition categories*
Evaluation performance* Evaluation performance*

friendship concert performance included

* at least two performances included

Evaluation Performances
Friendship Concerts
Grand Prize Competition

"It was a pleasure for me to be in Grado and carry out the task as a jury member at the competition. Not the least it was really nice to meet you and the other members of staff. I also had a nice time with my colleagues in the jury. Everything was really well organized and very easy to become a part of, thanks to you."

Søren Birch, jury member, Denmark (Grado 2016)

"Our memories of the 8th International Choral Competition ISOLA DEL SOLE 2016 in Grado are still fresh and beautiful! The whole event was a truly wonderful experience for us all. All the members of t Male Vocal Ensemble "Klapa Kastav" are in agreement: ISOLA DEL SOLE 2016 was perfectly organized in a beautiful town - Grado."

Saša Matovina, Male Vocal Ensemble "Klapa Kastav", Croatia (Grado 2016)

Registration Information

We are still looking forward to receiving registrations for this event.

We are happy to discuss all details around your registration with you - just contact us here.
However, please understand that not all accommodation and/or competition categories may be available anymore.

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Visa & Travel Information

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Welcome to Grado!


Grado, also called Sunny Island or Golden Island, is located at the northern corner of the Adriatic Sea and blazes with Venetian flair. Only a small strip of ground connects the island with the mainland. The historic city center is shaped by small squares, narrow alleys and aligned scenic fisher huts. Numerous canals and maze-like situated isles make it easy to fall in love with the beautiful spots of the city and its inimitable character.

How was the last time?

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