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Current development of COVID-19 pandemic affects the event

The renewed global flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic has led many nations to once again increase their corona-related precautions. However, these steps, which aim to halt the spread of the virus, also have an impact on the global choral community. This also applies to the event ON STAGE in Prague (Czech Republic), which was scheduled for November 5 - 8, 2020. The Czech Republic has been classified as a high-risk area by the German Federal Foreign Office for the time being, so INTERKULTUR and the Czech choral association UNIE have decided to postpone this event until next year in order to ensure the safety and health of the singers. ON STAGE in Prague will take place 2021 from November 4-7, 2021 and if you want to have a look at the last edition and the details of the upcoming event, you will find it here.


INTERKULTUR’s new project combines your wanderlust and your love of music. The ON STAGE event series is ready to check off your list of must-see cities and will do so while providing all the comforts of a non-competitive choral music event and the opportunities and delights of a tourist tour around local traditions, culture and history….and, yes, also around local fun. Worldwide landmark cities like Florence, Stockholm, Verona, Prague, Lisbon and Israel these first-rate destinations will be your stage and heaven for the 4-day events which will revolve around friendship concerts, touristic tours, workshops and celebration.

The events are designed for all those who wish to combine their music with travelling, learning and experiencing of new destinations.

The schedule will include touristic activities (sight-seeing), short concerts in touristic places (churches, halls), a workshop with a local choir and a joint concert of all the participants.

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Event Details

Workshop with Jan Míšek


The bohemian allure and fairytale features of Prague make it a perfect destination for beach-weary vacationers who want to immerse themselves in culture. You could devote an entire day to exploring Prazsky hrad (Prague Castle), then refueling over a hearty dinner at a classic Czech tavern. Spend some time wandering the Old Town Square before heading over to gape at The Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock. Prague’s best bars are found in cellars, where historic pubs set the scene for a night of traditional tippling.



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