INTERKULTUR’s new project combines your wanderlust and your love of music. The ON STAGE event series is ready to check off your list of must-see cities and will do so while providing all the comforts of a non-competitive choral music event and the opportunities and delights of a tourist tour around local traditions, culture and history….and, yes, also around local fun. Worldwide landmark cities like Florence, Stockholm, Verona, Prague, Lisbon and Israel these first-rate destinations will be your stage and heaven for the 4-day events which will revolve around friendship concerts, touristic tours, workshops and celebration.

The events are designed for all those who wish to combine their music with travelling, learning and experiencing of new destinations.

The schedule will include touristic activities (sight-seeing), short concerts in touristic places (churches, halls), a workshop with a local choir and a joint concert of all the participants.

"We would like to thank you for all your kindness and support. It was really a great and successful event for all of us."

Andrea Turzó, Lautitia Gyermekkar and Lautitia Ifjúsági Vegyeskar, Hungary (WCG Graz 2011)

"Thank you very much for a fantastic and well-organized choir festival! Just very shortly a big applause to all of you who has arranged a very nice and interested trip to all of us."

Per Rydqvist, Tyresö Kören, Sweden (Calella 2013)

Registration Information

The official registration deadline has passed on January 20, 2020.

If you did not register your choir yet for organizational reasons, your registration can still be accepted until February 17, 2020.

Please contact us via contact us to discuss further details.

Event Package

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Event Details

Tirana’s Open Air Theatre (Welcoming concert)
Resurrection Cathedral (Workshop Venue)
St. Stephen's Cathedral (Final concert)


In this beautiful Mediterranean country, virgin nature and cultural mysteries come together to create a unique sense of place. From the pure, white snow of the mountains to the red fields of spring poppies, Albania’s landscape is ever changing with the seasons, offering visitors a warm summer beach holiday or a challenging mountain trek during the fall.

In Albania, visitors are welcomed as guests as part of the country’s rich cultural traditions and heritage. The warm hospitality of Albanians will make everyone feel at home in this cute and wonderful land.

Tirana International Airport 17 km from city center is the biggest airport of the region with yearly about 2.9 million travelers. Direct flights are available for most European destinations. The transfer from the airport to the hotel is included in the event packages of ON STAGE in Albania.