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2020 is different. We have all had to experience this painfully on many levels, and therefore it is not surprising that the 9th Canta al mar 2020 at the end of October cannot take place in the planned form; with joint singing on stage, numerous Friendship Concerts, intercultural exchange and last but not least the big choir party with Paella and Sangrìa.

But we don't want to simply remove Canta al mar 2020 from our calendar, so this year we’re going to celebrate the festival online via our Facebook page and INTERKULTUR.TV!

During the event period from October 22nd to 26th, 2020, you can look forward to numerous pictures and performances of past events, greetings from the organizers and also some yet unreleased videos. Choirs that have changed their booking from this year to 2021 will also be heard and will already get us in the mood for the 10th anniversary event in 2021!

So check it out - on Facebook and INTERKULTUR.TV we will be there and celebrate a wonderful online festival together with you!

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3,5 kilometers of sandy beach, its location directly at the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to Barcelona make Calella a popular European destination. During the choral festival singers can wonderfully make music, stroll and relax in the contemplative old town with its Catalan and Mediterranean charm.
Since its 650 years of history Calella has developed from a small fishing village into a favoured resort of all nations and age groups. This mixture of modernity, hospitality and Catalan traditions add a special touch to Calella and thus make it an appealing travel destination.


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