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Already for the 15th time this uniquely beautiful international choir event takes place in Austria and we would like to invite you to be a part of it. Take part in competitions and friendship concerts in a wonderful ambience. Enjoy the Salzkammergut with us and be warmly welcome!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Hannes Heide, Mayor of Bad Ischl, Member of the Culture Committee of the European Parliament (MEP)

Participation opportunities

This INTERKULTUR event provides you the opportunity to choose from the following options of participation:

Non-competitive participationCompetitive participation
Festival participation**Competition categories*
Evaluation performance*Evaluation performance*
Individual coaching*Individual coaching*

Friendship concert performance included

*at least two performances included

Evaluation Performance and Individual Coachings
Friendship Concerts
Grand Prize Competition

"Thank you once again for organizing such a beautiful and successful event! It was a real pleasure to visit gorgeous Bad Ischl [...] Hopefully we'll meet again on another choir event!"

Reidar Andreson, Tartu Akadeemiline Meeskoor, Estonia (Bad Ischl 2016)

"Thank you very much for you arrangement of the International Choir Competition Bad Ischl 2016. According to a lot of support of you and everyone, we were able to get the grand prize of International Choir Competition."

Mikiko Sato, Seisen High School Choir, Japan (Bad Ischl 2016)

"Thanks again very much for the festival in Badischl. We enjoyed our stay very much. [...] We're looking forward to participate in some other Interkultur events in the future."

Símun Hammer, Gøtu kirkju ungdómskór, Faroe Islands (Bad Ischl 2016)

Registration Information

Registration deadline: December 9, 2019

Registration Documents

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Event Details

Schedule of the Event
Workshop with Javier Busto

Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut

Participating Groups

Already 7 choirs from 5 nations have registered for the 15th International Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl. More choirs will be published soon.

Latvia, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Sweden
Riga Technical University Mixed Choir VIVERE (Latvia) | A1, S
Riga Technical University Mixed Choir VIVERE (Latvia) | A1, S
Røyken Pike- og Ungdomskör (Norway) | G1
Røyken Pike- og Ungdomskör (Norway) | G1
Children's Choir "SLAVENA" (Russia) | G1
Children's Choir "SLAVENA" (Russia) | G1
Choir of Gnesins College of Music (Russia) | A1
Choir of Gnesins College of Music (Russia) | A1
Paul Roos Sanggroep (South Africa) | F, G2
Paul Roos Sanggroep (South Africa) | F, G2
Örjanskören (Sweden) | Festival
Örjanskören (Sweden) | Festival
Helene Stureborgs Kammarkör (Sweden) | A1, S
Helene Stureborgs Kammarkör (Sweden) | A1, S


Bad Ischl – the imperial city – offers not only romance à la Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef but also tempting shopping possibilities, gastronomy and possibilities for unique excursions into the majestic Salzkammergut with its countless crystal clear lakes, its impressive mountain region and cosy cities. Guests who will visit the spa do not only experience a breath taking nature but also many cultural events, crowned by the International Choir Competition and Festival Bad Ischl.


How was the last time?

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