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The 5 best singing teachers on Youtube for free online vocal lessons in 2021

The most effective and flexible free solution for your practice at home

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For most of us, it has been hard to keep up with our normal activities and hobbies during the pandemic, especially if they require meeting in closed spaces or working with a team of people.

For choral singing professionals and enthusiasts especially, maintaining a proper vocal practice has been almost impossible: the majority of choir members have been unable to gather and rehearse given the health hazard that their passion has come to represent during these times, and they were thus left with little opportunities to practice.

If you feel like your singing practice has been stagnant for too long and you would like to wake your vocal cords up again, there is an amazing array of singing classes and vocal coaches online.

In particular, multiple vocal teachers offer free singing classes on their Youtube channel the most effective and flexible solution for you to keep practicing at home, at your own pace, and in your free time!

We selected for you the 5 best singing teachers on Youtube in 2021 to make sure you will be ready for those post-pandemic concerts!

1. Cheryl Porter: singing lessons (and workouts!) from a renowned expert vocal coach

Cheryl has coached singers who have performed on X-Factor, The Voice, America's Got Talent, All Together Now, Italy's Got Talent, Eurovision, Sanremo Festival (Italy) and she is also a vocal coach for the Italian trio, IL VOLO.

She offers singing lessons on her Youtube channel and, for the sportier ones, there are even singing workouts. 

Check out Cheryl Porter’s singing lessons (and workouts!) here: 

2. Dr. Dan: vocal lessons for everyone from complete beginners to touring professional

Dr. Dan’s singing lessons are perfect for everyone. He offers a variety of vocal exercises for anyone ranging from an absolute beginner wanting to develop their singing technique for the first time, to the touring professional looking for a fun and thorough vocal warm-up. 

Check out Dr. Dan’s wide array of vocal lessons here:

3. Madeleine Harvey: literally everything you need to know about vocal training

Madeleine is a vocal coach that uses her Youtube channel to offer various insights on vocal training, such as how to release your vocal break, extend your vocal range, amplify your singing range, sing really high or really low, and tame “that terrible tongue.” 

Check out Madeleine Harvey’s vocal exercises to develop your singing practice: 

4. Justin Stoney: helpful and inspiring lessons for singers and voice teachers worldwide

Justin Stoney, the Founder of New York Vocal Coaching, is an internationally recognized voice coach and vocal teacher. He is the author of "Sing Like Never Before", and also the host of "Voice Lessons To The World." Mr. Stoney uses his channel to pursue his mission to train, help, and inspire singers and voice teachers all over the world.

Check out his channel:

5. Ken Tamplin: tips and exercises to reach “unimagined vocal heights” from a four-octave vocal wonder

Ken Tamplin is an American rock musician and singing teacher. He is considered a four-octave vocal wonder. He believes that “Your voice is unique and if you use the right technique, your voice will reach unimagined heights - literally heights that you never thought possible.” On his Youtube channel, he offers various vocal lessons with interesting tips and exercises.

If you want to expand your voice, be sure to check out Ken Tamplin’s channel here:

We wish you a nice training!

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