Morten Lauridsen

Professional qualification with INTERKULTUR

Making precious experiences at workshops and seminars with international choral experts

Your Voice

INTERKULTUR has been offering workshops and seminars for many years. During these workshops, choirs, conductors, and individuals learn about international choral literature, singing styles, or performance practices. Mixing with other singers, getting instructions from the experts and performing together might open the eyes and ears of the choristers for new choral experiences.

It is important for participating choirs not only to give their best on stage but also to get some advice. So INTERKULTUR offers for example an individual coaching with a renowned choral expert for choirsto give them  the chance to get checked their choral sound by competent ears. While working together with the coach the choirs get precious advice in intonation, body language or performance, for their coming performances.

At workshops with international choral experts the participants actively attend to a special theme. A recent example is the workshop with the Hawaiian Migual Felipe “The Art of the Warm-Up: Learning to Plan, Create, and Make the Most of Choral Warm-ups” at the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations in Magdeburg. He arranged the choral Warm-up in a fresh way and nobody will be bored ever again..

All pedagogical proposals are attend by renowned conductors and vocal teachers. The category “Your Voice” here in the NEWSROOM will be publishing transcripts and video recordings from those workshops. A video shows you the example of an expert we already worked with at different events: Hongnian Yang (China).

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