Choral Scholars of University College Dublin

Music which gets under the skin

Thrilled by a choral version in traditional Irish Folk

International Choral Scene

Some music just touches people within a few seconds: this so-called goosebumps moment often requires only a concise melody, a harmony between singing and accompaniment or a sung phrase, which mirrors the inner soul.

Also the following choral version of "Mo Ghille Mear" (engl. My Gallant Hero) has a big potential for giving one goosebumps. The piece is composed in the style of traditional Irish Folk and performed by the "Choral Scholars of University College Dublin".

Lean back and enjoy the Irish voices!

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The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin, was founded in 1999 and is Ireland's leading collegiate choral ensemble. Conducted by Desmond Earley the choir performs each academic year in Ireland and abroad. Consisting of eighteen selected students and scholarship holders the choir frequently performs with well-known orchestras, including the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, the Earley Musicke Ensemble and the European Union Chamber Orchestra. Beside broadcasts on Irish television and radio the choir completed tours through the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the USA. The choir's repertoire ranges from popular music, medieval and contemporary pieces to traditional Irish choral music. The performance of works by contemporary composers is a hallmark of this ensemble

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