Jeugdkoor Waelrant, Belgium, performing on stage © Studi43

Choir Outfit Ideas (7 Things to Consider)

Figuring out choir apparel for your next big performance

About Choir Singing

Choral music is all about harmony and doing things in unison. For that reason, there’s almost always a choir dress code — and usually, there are standard outfits for everyone to wear for performances.

For choral leaders, figuring out your choir’s apparel is a great way to establish your group’s identity and add visual flair. If you compete at a high level (like the World Choir Games) then you want every advantage you can get — and that includes great choice outfit ideas. But even if you are performing for your community for the sheer pleasure of it, choir outfits give your group an unforgettable presence.

So how do you decide what to wear to a choir concert? Below, we’ll look at the seven most important things to consider.

1. Formality of the Event

We put this consideration at the top of the list because it’s the only one that can have pretty big consequences if you get it wrong. If you underdress for an occasion, it will be seen as deeply disrespectful. If you overdress, it will make it difficult for audiences to connect. Those high stakes make the formality of an event the most important to keep in mind by far. If you are performing at a prestigious event, then you have to match it with attire that reflects the event’s significance. Think ties, dress shirts, or maybe full-on tuxedos and dresses. If the event is not formal, use that freedom to think outside the box.

2. Event Theme

Like the formality level, the event’s theme is often a great jumping-off point for choir outfit ideas. After all, there are times when it’s simply easiest and best to go with the flow and reinforce the event. Doing a holiday concert? Why not dress in green and red? It might not be overly creative, but sometimes the most straightforward choice is the most effective.

3. Comfort

Choir attire enhances the visual impact of your performance, but it can also put an enormous hamper on the comfort of your singers. For that reason, you want to be careful to pick breathable, flexible fabrics. If you have choreography planned, you’ll want to ensure that the movements are easy to do in the choir outfits you’ve picked out. Luckily, much thought and effort has been put into developing clothing that looks very formal but is actually very comfortable, so do your research online before you buy.

4. Color Coordination

While most choir uniforms will be all the same, some groups choose to change things up a little. If you let in some personalization or differences between outfits, make sure that there is still some coordination around the main colors and themes. This keeps your group visually stunning while also emphasizing the unity of your members — always a plus in choral music.

5. Your Choir’s Identity

Are you going to be performing folk music? Or maybe classical pieces? Maybe you are covering pop hits? Whatever your choir’s musical identity, you can reinforce that with your choir outfits. This synergy can really underline the vibe your performance is going for. That’s especially critical in competitions, where you want to stand out in the judge’s mind. A striking visual is sure to do that.

6. Budget!

You’ve probably already thought about it, but this bears repeating. Don’t blow your budget on attire. Also, if choristers are expected to buy what they wear to the choir performance, you’ll want to make sure your choices are truly accessible to all. This can be an uncomfortable topic to open up, but finding a way to make things budget-friendly for everyone will be very appreciated.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Because choirs perform on stage, it’s easy to think that any detail will be a blur to the audience. Actually, accessories can do a lot for your presentation. Scarves, ties, jewelry, belts — these can set apart your group’s look. Obviously, you want to make sure that these accessories don’t distract from the performance.

Picking the Perfect Choir Outfit

If you take the above considerations to heart, picking out your choir outfit will end up with an amazing look that wows audiences and judges. It’ll be that added spark that makes your performance something people will be talking about for months and years to come.

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