The A Cappella School

A Coversong with a clear message

10 year-old pupils sing their own "Fight Song"

International Choral Scene

A recently published music video catches the attention of the music community. In 2015, some young singers at the age of 10 years recorded a well-known pop song in their own version, the "Fight Song".

The song's message can be understood as a motivation never to give up. Inspired by the power of singing together this "Fight Song" should encourage girls and young people from all over the world to face the future with confidence and to show strength in all kind of situations.

The original version of the "Fight Song" of 2014 was sung by the U.S. American singer Rachel Platten.

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The A Cappella School is an educational program in Washington and is focused on A Cappella-Singing. Young singers at the age of 8-18 years have the opportunity participate in 8 week camps in order to learn the basics of A Cappella-Singing. As the program's finale the young talents present the music worked out together during a concert.