Children’s Choir „Alye Parusa“, Russia © Studi43

A choral journey to Russia

Russian choirs and their successes at international choir events

Choir Stories

Choral music from Russia is fascinating. And the success of Russian choirs at international choral events such as the World Choir Games, the Olympic Games of choral music, speaks for itself. But what makes their music so special? And what is their secret of success?

Our new video tries to find answers by accompanying some excellent Russian choirs on their journey to the World Choir Games and telling their stories of success and international exchange.

Tune in and see the adventures of Children’s Choir „Roganova Youth Capella ‚Harmony‘", „Choir Detstvo“, „Malenkie Mastera Ensemble“, „Apelsintshik“, „Academic Choir of Far Eastern Federal University“, and „Credo“  at international choral events of INTERKULTUR:

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