Happy singers after the Award Ceremony in Kalamata 2015

Update of the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

The latest success stories of the top choirs

World Rankings

After the last INTERKULTUR events in 2015 in Italy (1st International Choir Festival Puccini 2015), Greece (1st Kalamata International Choir Competition & Festival 2015) and Spain (International Choir Competition & Festival “Canta al mar” 2015) the world rankings has been updated.

All results from the recent competitions have now been included in the evaluation of the world’s top choirs. The calculation of the world rankings results from the points that choirs gained for their participation in competitions.

We are delighted to announce the following changes regarding the Top 50.

Children’s- and Youth Choirs:

The Chinese Choir Shanghai Yangjing High School Men's Choir, conducted by Fang Liu, achieved the 44th Place in this category. Congratulations!

Female Choirs:

In this category we are pleased to announce three changes: the South China Normal University Female Choir from China (conductor: YanHui Su) took part in the competitions in Kalamata and Calella. Thereby the choir reached the 11th Place in the category Female Choirs. The choir InDONNAtión from Greece (conducted by Dimitris Ktistakis) achieved the 38th place. Under the direction of Saša Matovina the Female Chamber Choir „Klapa Kastav“ scored the 39th place. We congratulate all choirs in this category to their outstanding results.

Male Choirs:

Place 40 is now being taken by the choir Chorodia Kerkyras (conductor: Christina Kalliaridou) from the host country of the 1st Kalamata International Choir Competition & Festival: A great result!

Sacred Choral Music & Music of the Religions:

We are happy to announce four changes altogether in this category. The choirs from Norway (Embla, conducted by Norunn Illevold Giske) and China (South China Normal University Female Choir) – now share the 13th place. The 47th place is also being held by two choirs: The Austrian choir Academy Singers (conducted by Manfred Payrhuber and Bernhard Höchtel) as well as the choir Naiskuoro Välke from Finland (conductor Tapani Tirilä)  have achieved great results due to their participation in the competitions. We congratulate all choirs to their success stories!


Under the direction of Heli Roos the Estonian choir Tallin Secondary Science School Girls‘ Choir reached place 27. Congratulations!

Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles:

In this category we are also proud to announce the new place 27: the Norwegian choir Embla.

Take a look at the complete world rankings including all points scored at the INTERKULTUR website.

All competitions are subject to the MUSICA MUNDI seal of quality. This makes an impressive overall comparison between all choirs that have participated in INTERKULTUR competitions possible.

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