Butch de Juan and Thomas Schüle from INTERKULTUR Center and Gerald Tan from MUZIKSEA at the 2019 Philippine Choral Directors Association Convention in Manila. © INTERKULTUR Philippines

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INTERKULTUR Philippines announces cooperation with MUZIKSEA

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Promoting choral music and singers throughout Southeast Asia is their common goal: With this aim in mind, the INTERKULTUR Center for Culture & Tourism Development Philippines and the young sheet music publisher MUZIKSEA from Singapore have agreed on cooperation. 

MUZIKSEA will be present at the 12th World Choir Games in Korea next year and at Sing'n'Joy Bohol 2022 with a music stand to draw the attention of the participants to its excellent range of sheet music.

In return, the publisher grants participating choirs at INTERKULTUR Events a number of advantages when purchasing sheet music. For example, theiy will receive a 20% discount on online orders at MUZIKSEA. The appropriate CODE for online orders can be received via INTERKULTUR Philippines.

Both organizations are committed to the promotion of choral music and its protagonists in Southeast Asia, and both MUZIKSEA founders have already experienced the spirit of the INTERKULTUR events as choir singers: Marcus Lee, as a young boy, joined the World Choir Games 2004 in Bremen and again in 2008 in Xiamen and Gerald Tan experienced the 5th Vietnam International Choir Competition in Hoi An, where he could attend a workshop with INTERKULTUR’s Artistic Director Johan Rooze, and he attended also the World Choir Games 2018 in South Africa.

Also, a number of composers published by MUZIKSEA have already successfully presented themselves as choir conductors at INTERKULTUR events, such as Dr. Arwin Tan (Philippines) with his choir NOVO CONCERTANTE, who is now ranked 3rd in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings for Mixed Choirs, or the composer Dr. Maria Theresa Vizconde-Roldan (Philippines), who was successful at many choir competitions with her Hail Mary the Queen Children’s Choir. Even some compositions of INTERKULTUR Philippines office manager Mr. Butch de Juan will be published by MUZIKSEA in the near future.

Many works published by MUZIKSEA have already been performed at INTERKULTUR events and the new partnership with INTERKULTUR is expected to strengthen this trend.

Visit the MUZIKSEA Website now and check out their extensive catalogue right now!