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INTERKULTUR.TV: Singing, memories and emotions

Relaunch of INTERKULTUR’s video platform on May 4

INTERKULTUR’s video platform gets a new design and a new name: INTERKULTUR.TV. But that's not all, the name change comes along with a number of innovations that will put the choirs of the world in the spotlight even more in the future, and bring the festival world of INTERKULTUR on screen.

INTERKULTUR.TV will launch on May 4  together with the recently announced “Sing Along Concert ONLINE” of INTERKULTUR and the Rundfunkchor Berlin under the direction of Simon Halsey (find more information here).

In addition, INTERKULTUR.TV will continue to show the highlights of its International Choir Competitions and Festivals of recent years on video, and in the future it will be enhanced by selected live streams of INTERKULTUR competitions for a cheering from home! In addition, the offer is complemented by virtual and interactive workshops with international choral experts and exciting in-house productions!

But INTERKULTUR.TV is not only about SEEING, but also about BEING SEEN: Each choir is invited to submit videos of their own concerts and activities and thus to present themselves on an international video platform for choirs in a perfect manner.

INTERKULTUR.TV preserves the experience of INTERKULTUR's international choir competitions and festivals for a long time to come: Choir singers will find an extensive archive of the memories and emotions of their own international choral experiences at the various events of INTERKULTUR.