Michaël Scheck

“His legacy remains a source of inspiration”

Flemish musician and choir conductor Michaël Scheck passed away

On August 14, 2019 the Belgian musician and choir conductor Michaël Scheck passed away. He was the first President of the Belgian Choir Association “Koor&Stem”. The current managing director of Koor&Stem and World Choir Games 2020 Games Director, Koenraad de Meulder shares his memories:

“We are deeply saddened by the unexpected death of Michaël Scheck (Hamburg July 24, 1933 - Antwerp August 14, 2019).

As a musician, choir conductor and organizer, Michaël was very strongly involved in the Flemish and European choral community. He was a brilliant and visionary personality who always tried to inspire and motivate people. Michael was always ready to share his rich knowledge and experience with the choir community. The introduction of young people in the world of music was very important to him.

Michaël Scheck was the first chairman of Koor&Stem and continued to support the organization with heart and soul even after his mandate. He also ensured a close cooperation within the choral world at European level, which stood at the basis of the European Choral Association-Europe Cantat. We sincerely thank Michaël for his dedication and his inspiring commitment.

We will miss him very much. On the other hand we are convinced that his legacy remains a source of inspiration for many people. We wish the family a lot of strength to bear this great loss.”

Koenraad de Meulder, Games Director World Choir Games 2020