Hybrid Conference of the World Choir Council in 2021 © Roger Schmidt

Expanding and developing the World Choir Council

18 new members from all over the world are contributing with new expertise and experience

World Choir Council

The World Choir Council, as an important member in the INTERKULTUR family, is a well-known and very important part of the international choral world. It is the highest and voluntary international advisory body of INTERKULTUR, which is coming together virtually in Regional Meetings twice a year, and every two years directly on site at the World Choir Games in the General Conference of the World Choir Council. Further, the Council members are getting in contact regularly through workshops, (online) concerts and other activities throughout the year.

In 2022 INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council are proud to present 18 new members from 18 countries for the World Choir Council. These new members will join the panel as musical ambassadors of their respective country and will be the voice of and for the choral scene in their homes. With the new members, the World Choir Council will richer in variety, more exciting and more effective in its future work.

We are happy to give a warm welcome to all new members of the worldwide INTERKULTUR family:


  • Antoaneta Radočaj-Jerković
    representative for Croatia
  • Mariette Wilson
    representative for France
  • Donka Miteva
    representative for Germany
  • Michael Dawson
    representative for Ireland
  • Cinzia Zanon
    representative for Italy
  • Anna Ungureanu
    representative for Romania
  • Enrique Azurza
    representative for Spain
  • Ivo Antognini
    representative for Switzerland


  • Kay Yen Ronnie Cheng
    representative for China/Hong Kong SAR
  • Nathalie Goldberg
    representative for Israel
  • Zlatan Fazlic
    representative for Qatar
  • Dr. Kittiporn Tantrarungroj
    representative for Thailand
  • Başak Doğan
    representative for Turkey


  • John Rosser
    representative for New Zealand


  • Béranger Yakassou
    representative for Bénin

Middle America

  • Elioenai Medina
    representative for Dominican Republic

South America

  • Carmen Giovanna Montaño
    representative for Bolivia
  • Jaime Augusto Contreras Ghio
    representative for Peru

For more information about their choral biographies, please go to our website or read here the latest issue of our COUNCIL TALK Magazine.

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