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Communication in choral cultures

INTERKULTUR delegation visits China

INTERKULTUR’s First Vice President Wang Qin led a delegation to China this autumn. The trip has deepened the communication in choral culture and accomplished idea exchanges in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

The delegation first landed in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province in mid-November, attended the “My Motherland and Me – Choral Music Week” organized by China Chorus Association, undertaken by Guangdong Provincial Chorus Association and Zhongshan City.

The delegation made the second stop at provincial capital of Hainan Province – Haikou and attended the (Hainan) 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Choir Festival hosted by China Chorus Association and Hainan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles. The event was supported by INTERKULTUR, and hence as representative of INTERKULTUR, Artistic Director Mr Fred Sjöberg addressed a greeting during the opening ceremony on November 18: “INTERKULTUR is the founder and organizer of Choir Olympics - the World Choir Games and we wish to have beautiful music from the world in Haikou and to bring melodious music from Haikou to the world.”

Foshan Opera House was packed with choral music lovers on November 23. INTERKULTUR delegation was invited by the President of Guangdong Provincial Chorus Association, Mr Chen Guanghui to this fabulous annual “Voices of Guangdong” concert. This is the 9th year of the concert and the line-up consisted of the most representative choirs in the region, including “Guangzhou Little Petrel Children’s Choir” and “South China Normal University Choir” who achieved great results in the Grand Prix of Nations this summer in Gothenburg.

In “World Choir City” – Guangzhou, INTERKULTUR delegation visited office of Guangzhou Chorus Association and Guangzhou Children’s Choral Education Base. Guangzhou Chorus Association has been involved and devoted in popularizing choral culture and education, caring for youth and disadvantage groups for over decades. During the days in Guangzhou, INTERKULTUR Artistic Director Johan Rooze held a special workshop for Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Choir, brought out creative thoughts and practiced abilities to familiar music works in different dimensions. Another efficient and fruitful workshop was held in Guangzhou Children’s Choral Education Base for Guangzhou Children’s Choir and its conductor Ms Zhang Zhanbi.

INTERKULTUR delegation congratulated China Guangzhou International Performing Arts Fair on its 10th anniversary on November 25. During the “Blockbuster Announcement” session, Johan Rooze presented the 11th World Choir Games Flanders to a packed audience from all over the world.

INTERKULTUR delegation’s final stop was on November 28 to Southeast of Guizhou Province and attended the “Communicate to the world – Sing and travel in Southeast Guizhou” exploration trip with more than 40 important leadership and choral experts from all parts of China.