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Chinese guests in Fernwald are shocked about the attack in Paris

Meeting with INTERKULTUR president Günter Titsch

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On the occasion of the variety of cultures, the director of the three-person delegation of the Southern Chinese city of Shunde/Foshan, director Wang Yong underlined "the preservation of peace as most important policy of China means the acceptance of differences" during the meeting in Fernwald/Germany with INTERKULTUR president Günter Titsch. On Sunday afternoon the member of the District Party Community of the metropole on the Pearl River Delta was visibly shaken by the terrorist attacks in Paris. Wang Yong and Günter Titsch agreed about that what happened let the people come together even closer. The guests from China traveled from Marseille to the French capital city. Before they arrived in Middle Hessian via Amsterdam, they visited the district, in which the attack was committed later on.

With the Cultural Organization INTERKULTUR a closer cooperation is sought. The Chinese city plans to bid for the World Choir Games in 2018, announced Wang. He informed all attendees, that the choral singing in the province Guangdong is especially popular among the young singers. Wang saw the meeting in Fernwald as a good opportunity to get to know better. For the region he realizes potentials in the economic and touristic increase including one of the most important and biggest choral events of INTERKULTUR, which brings thousands of singers from each part of the world to travel around the globe and to sing for medals in a peaceful competition. They wish to continue and promote in this important dialogue with the help of the culture of choral singing. In 2016 the Russian Olympic city Sochi will be host the World Choir Games, Wang learned. More information at

(Roger Schmidt)

Chinese Delegation in Fernwald Wang Yong and Günter Titsch